Cooking brown rice

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Cooking brown rice

Postby ScrapHappy » Sun Oct 10, 2010 5:02 pm

I seem to always have trouble getting a good result cooking brown rice :(

I use a rice cooker and follow the directions to the letter. You do have to use more water with the brown rice, so I do. Unfortunately I always end up with hard grains that obviously arent properly cooked and if you bite on them they hurt your teeth! I dont want to use white rice as the brown does have health benefits, plus one of my kids will only eat brown anyway. Does anyone have any hints? I googled it and could only find using extra water, soaking the rice beforehand, leaving it on warm after it's cooked for another 30 minutes or adding a some olive oil as possibilities - and I've tried the first three with no success. I'm sure I've tried the oil but cant remember so I'm going to give that a go tonight.

Can anyone help? :roll:
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